Brief history of Marion

There is an oasis from the stress of big city hassle, and it is right here in the heart of Ohio… convenient, friendly, safe.

It is a place where businesses can grow and families can prosper.


Where a modern school system has not lost touch with the kind of traditional values that produce good citizens and responsible adults. Where the traffic lets you get where you want to go, and back with plenty of time to spare. Where modern law enforcement knows how to serve the people, as well as protect them. Where there is plenty to do, and plenty of quiet when doing

nothing suits you just fine.

It is a place where people still remember how to work together to get things done, to build a stronger community, a community that looks after its children, and provides for its elders. In Marion, you will find that our heritage of sharing lives on, and feeling right at home comes easy.

We would not have it any other way.

We invite you to come visit us. Look around. Meet some of the people who make everyday living something special every day of the year.

Many thanks for the financial contributions from the following individuals and organizations for the community video linked to this website.

Jerry Davis

Lois Fisher

Marion Area Chamber of Commerce

Marion Area Health Center

Marion Board of Realtors

Marion CANDO

Marion Community Improvement Corporation

Marion Convention and Visitors Bureau

Marion General Hospital

Marion Job and Family Services

Marion Technical College

Smith Clinic

Whirlpool Corporation/Marion Division